Ribbon Mixer

The ribbon mixer consists of a U-shaped container, stirring blades and transmission parts; the ribbon-shaped blades are generally made into two layers or three layers, the outer blades collect the materials from both sides to the center, and the inner ribbons remove the materials from the material. The center is transported to both sides, forming convective mixing. The ribbon mixer has a good effect on the mixing of viscous or cohesive powders and granules, as well as the mixing of liquid and paste materials in the powders and granules. The cylinder cover can be made into a fully open door to facilitate the cleaning of the equipment. Replace the product. Horizontal ribbon mixer is used in food additives, powder pesticides, veterinary drugs, powder building materials, chemicals, biology, aquaculture, ceramics, refractories, plastics, compound fertilizers and other solid-solid (ie powder and powder) ) The mixing of solid-slurry (ie powder and glue) is especially suitable for the mixing of viscous materials.

Features of Beisite Ribbon Mixer

1. Fast mixing speed can satisfy the rigorous demand of mixing the materials with different physical property.
2. The rotation is under critical speed, which will reduce the effect of fragmentation to the material(e. G. Crystal particle)
3. Lower height of the container is convenient for installation.
4. The positive and negative ribbons are set up at he same level, forming a mixing environment of low power but high efficiency.

Ribbon Mixer

Machine Type: Volume
RM-1000 1000 Liter
RM-1500 1500 Liter
RM-2000 2000 Liter
RM-3000 3000 Liter
RM-5000 5000 Liter


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