High Speed Mixer

SHR high-speed mixer is widely used mixers, and it can also be called a turbo mixer in general. It is one of the necessary equipment for plastic processing plants, and also has a wide range of uses in rubber, pharmaceutical, dye and other industries. Because it has the advantages of fast mixing, uniform mixture, good absorption of resin to additives, convenient machine operation, easy cleaning, sturdy and durable, and compact structure. Today, it has gradually replaced the low-speed mixer and is widely used in the production of various plastic industries.

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Features of Beisite High Speed Mixer

  • HMI operation panel, easy to operate.
  • The electrical parts adopts the international brand.
  • Special heat-treated stainless steel blades for longer blade life.
  • The main shaft of the high-speed mixer adopts a double-layer sealing structure to ensure no powder leakage during operation.
  • Optional discharge port gas cleaning device.
  • Optional variable frequency speed regulation to protect the motor and power supply lines, while saving 20-25% of electricity.
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Lab Use High Speed Mixer

Small volume high speed mixer is wildly used in small batch production and research work. Beisite provides 5 liter and 10 liter high speed mixer which is perfect for lab use R&D work.

High Speed Mixer

Machine Type: Volume
SHR-10 10 Liter
SHR-50 50 Liter
SHR-100 100 Liter
SHR-200 200 Liter
SHR-300 300 Liter
SHR-500 500 Liter
SHR-800 800 Liter
SHR-1000 1000 Liter
SHR-1600 1600 Liter
SHR-2000 2000 Liter



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