Hot-Cooling Mixer

In actual production, the materials are added to the SHR high-speed mixer through the feeding equipment according to the requirements of the mixing process, and the high-speed mixing and heating are carried out. When the material meets the requirements of the hot mixing process, the high-speed mixer opens the cutting device, and directly puts the qualified material into the barrel of the SHL cooling mixer through the unloading tee. The material is stirred at a low speed by the cooling mixer and is in contact with the cooling equipment installed in the mixer to a large area to rapidly reduce the temperature.
When the material has completed the above-mentioned process operations, after obtaining the qualified material, the material can be discharged from the equipment, packaged and transported to the next production equipment or stored by conveying equipment or manpower.

Features of Beisite Hot-cooling Mixer

1. High quality production skills (welding and polishing) so that the material does not stick to the inside of the pot and allows for quick and easy discharge.
2. Reasonable operation: stable, no noise, high output.
3. The professional engineers of the PLC electrical control system of the complete set of equipment are customized according to customer requirements, using famous brand components such as Siemens, and the performance is stable.
4. Professional manufacturer with rich experience, reasonable arrangement of installation positions of two sets of main equipment, larger structure, compact structure and good connection.

Hot-Cooling Mixer

Mixer Type: Volume
SRL 200-500 200/500 Liter
SRL 300-600 300/600 Liter
SRL 500-1000 500/1000 Liter
SRL 800-2000 800/2000 Liter
SRL 1000-3000 1000/3000 Liter


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